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Savaia guest house
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In Kokoda, walking is what everyone does because there's no alternative for most people. Even the most car-dependent visitors quickly get used to it, and you'll enjoy being on the road with good company.

Around Kokoda
Most of the villages are no more than an hour or two apart. It's flat and the roads are fine for walking. Walking between Homestay villages is the perfect time to chat with your hosts and learn about their families, their work and their region. All the Homestays offer porters so you won't need to carry much.

Beyond the valley
Once you start up the hills, whether tackling a section of the Trail or just a stroll to a village garden on a hillside, you'll be glad you did a bit of walking before leaving home. The hills are steep, but you don't need to rush. Be fair to your feet: wear walking shoes or boots. Stay on the tracks unless you're with a guide.

Arranging a walk
Various factors will shape your decision about where to walk and when. Take walking times into account when planning your itinerary. In the valley a fair rule of thumb is two or three kilometres an hour allowing for breaks, meeting people and taking photos.

The climate will also influence when you walk. It's a mountainous region where the weather can change quickly, so plan for flexibility. Morning is usually preferable as afternoons can be hot and/or wet.

Each Homestay village offers a variety of walks to visit their gardens, streams and other features. Usually you can arrange for these when you arrive in the village. If you wish to incorporate an ambitious walk into your itinerary, email us with the details.

  • Covered shoes are better than sandals because most of the roads are gravel.
  • Make sure you wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Take a bottle of water.
  • Take breaks in the shade and drink a sensible amount of water. (Too much is just as risky as not enough.)
  • Keep a rain jacket or umbrella handy, especially in the afternoon.
Savaia children
nearing a village

approaching Kokoda along the Popondetta Road

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