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Misima guest house
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"Misima was absolutely perfect, great lovely people, nice place, just great!" Armand


Misima is an ideal place to stay if you wish to walk a small part of the Track, yet still have time to rest and enjoy the magnificent scenery and bird life (including hornbills and Birds of Paradise). Over 50 species of birds live in the area around Misima and nearby Hagutawa. There are also tree kangaroos, cassowarries and cuscus in the area.

Misima lies on an historic WW2 trail that runs from Kevelo through Felai (aka Pelai) and Hagutawa to Alola. It lies across a valley from the Kokoda Track, about 21 km from Kokoda airstrip and a half-day's walk from Isurava. We recommend getting a local transport service to take you to near Kanandara, from where you can start your walk up to Misima. From Misima it's possible to walk across to Isurava for an overnight stay before returning north along the Track to Kokoda the next day. The less-strenuous alternative is to return the way you came.

Misima consists of five houses, with about 30 people living there. The guest house has room for up to 16 overnight visitors.

Hillside gardens are where most of the village's food is grown, including potatoes, yams, beans, bananas, onions, corn, taro, cucumbers and other greens. The village also grows coffee as a cash crop.

Misima offers magnificent scenery and birdwatching opportunities. Bushwalks (3 to 7 hours) can be arranged. These require a good level of fitness because of the terrain and the need to climb over logs, cross rocky streams and negotiate steep tracks.

For those who are interested, there are also WW2 relics and locations rarely visited by package tour trekkers. These include the recently-discovered "fuzzy wuzzy" cave, where an Australian soldier sought safety after being separated from his unit. While there he wrote a letter praising the local "fuzzy wuzzy" people who helped him survive.

Because of Misima's altitude (1270 m) nights can be cool (around 10°C). We recommend taking a light polartec jumper and perhaps long pants. A light sleeping bag is also useful. Important: Due to the steep track we recommend that visitors are reasonably fit and carry a walking pole (easily obtained in or around Kokoda).


• Day walk to a recently discovered cave where an Australian soldier hid from the enemy. While there he wrote a letter praising the "fuzzy wuzzy" people who came to guide him back to his unit. Very few people have ever visitied this spot.*

• Crafts. Visitors are welcome to join villagers in craft activities such as making bilums (incredibly useful carry bags).

• Short bushwalks (3-7 hours, reasonable fitness requried*)

• Caves, waterfalls

• Short trekking to see WW2 relics*

• Bird watching

• Butterflies

• Stunning mountain scenery

• Possible sightings of tree kangaroos

There is an all-inclusive charge of K100 per person per night which includes shelter, food, guide and porter to and from the village.

Several thin mattresses, light blankets and pillows are available.

* Guide and porters
Because of the complex terrain around Misima you must always take a guide, and usually a porter, when you embark on activities outside the village such as visiting the Isurava memorial. A guide costs K80 and porters K60 per day. Guides and porters are fully trained to assist you under all circumstances.


Dave (Dave's Travel Corner) writes:
"Seli is the property owner and when guests arrive he brings help from two small villages (about a 30 minute walk away). He is one of the more amazing people I’ve met on my travels – so much energy, so much knowledge about where he lives, a matter of factness about the harshness of life here and a graciousness that is clearly felt along with his genuine hospitality.

You come to Misima to get away from it all – it is remote, secluded and surrounded by natural rainforest. A stay here is quiet and peaceful. During the rainy season, the clouds settle in the afternoon and you are surrounded by the mists of the jungle. Shy Birds of Paradise call out in the afternoon – but you probably won’t see one as they likely will remain hidden under the rainforest canopy. Tree Kangaroos live in the upper most part of the jungle – sometimes hunted with dogs by the locals."

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Manuwa village
"Oro!  Oro!  Oro!"
Singing a welcome to Misima.

"The long trek up to Hagutawa and then the short downhill leg to Misima village provided a remarkable display of vegetation varieties and breathtaking views.
Standing on the last section of ridge above Misima to gather our breath before our final decent into the village, all we could hear were the sounds of the village people calling out 'Oro! Oro! Oro!'

To be able to spend the next few days sharing this wonderful place with such caring people was a remarkable experience that we will long remember. Seli, along with his son Bexie and fellow villagers, cared for us exceptionally well and was most appreciated."
- Peter Close


Walk to Misima

Fuzzy Wuzzy origins



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Almost the entire Kokoda Valley is visible from Hagutawa (click to enlarge).

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Profuse cool-climate plants make Misima like a botanical garden (click to enlarge).

Crossing a creek near Misima.

Maeka Falls, near Misima

Maeka Falls


Dinner time!

Suggested Misima walks (guide required*)

  • Misima-Isurava battlefield & monument (1 day return)

  • Misima-Aburavi-Maeka waterfall (1 day return)

  • Treks of various lengths to all parts of the Trail can be arranged.
    Email for details.

Looking down from Hagutawa to the Isurava Memorial (centre)

Isurava memorial

Isurava memorial
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