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 enjoying the Fala River at Foke


Welcome at Foke

Making fire and mats

Sing-sing at Foke


Foke has ten houses and is located on a hillside about 2.5 km from Kokoda Airstrip.

The village is close to clean, fast-running streams with waterfalls, pools and big stones where you can swim and picnic.

Being located under the mountain called Mamavu makes Foke the ideal starting place for walking up to the top to enjoy the view of all the places around Kokoda.

The area around Foke is home to the endangered Queen Alexandra's birdwing, the world's largest butterfly, as well as many other spectacular species. Other animals which may be seen include the cuscus, cassowary and bird of paradise.

Accommodation consists of a thatched guest house with partitioned sleeping areas for privacy. Its verandah has excellent views of the nearby mountain range.

Foke guest houseFoke guest house

Activities offered

• Walk to the village gardens, about two kilometres away on the hillside above the village, from where the entire Kokoda valley is visible. Foods grown there include yams, bananas, watermelons, pineapples, taro, beans and other greens. These are available in season.

• Foke people also farm fish in eleven ponds very close to the village.

• Walk to waterfall (50 minutes, easy walk)

• Mountain climbing (1 hour)

• Handcrafts (bilum string bags, beads, building houses)

• Singing and dancing

• Climbing coconut trees

• Bird watching & butterflies

• Stone axe use & traditional fire making

• Making string bags from bark

• Swimming

• Kokoda Museum is nearby.

There is an all-inclusive* charge of K100 per person per night which includes shelter, food, porter, walks, activities, etc.

*Not included is traditional dancing, which costs K300 per performance (split between the audience). Performances must be booked at least two weeks in advance. [Why?]

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Savaia guest house learning to weave palm mats

  it's time to eat

Foke familytraditional fire-making




"The village of Foke nestled, amongst the lush green vegetation and next to the fast swirling waters of the Fala River, makes this a beautiful setting for an enjoyable and relaxing Homestay experience.

To be welcomed into the village community by these wonderful, caring and always happy natured people was truly an experience. The stay may have been short, but the memories will remain with us for many years to come."
- Peter Close


fish farm and gardens

Foki fish farm & gardens
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