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Beleni family 
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Track to ManuwaFlower garden


"Belini: great! Very friendly and caring, nice place..." Armand


The Beleni family block is 4.5 km along a wide, flat road from the Kokoda airstrip. There are eight houses in which about 15 people live.

Visitors stay in the guest house, which can accommodate 20 people in ten partitioned "rooms". Sheets, pillows and foam sleeping mats are supplied. There's also a verandah for relaxing and enjoying a chat. The family has a well-equipped kitchen and offers a good range of foods, mostly from the family gardens.

Their excellent flower gardens are a great attraction for the beautiful Ulysses butterflies that abound in this area. Pure drinking water comes from a nearby spring. Grassy lawns and a range of unique activities make this an excellent place to stay.

The family is very experienced in looking after visitors.

Activities offered

• Two-day walk to Naro, an historic WW2 Australian artillery post site overlooking the valley, not otherwise accessible as it's on private land (transport required).

• A traditional dance performance can be arranged, but advance booking is essential. [Why?]

• Fish farming and the village gardens

• Visit Kokoda Museum and Station

• Learn traditional handcrafts

• Four-day mini-Trail trek taking in Misima, Abuari, Isurava, Deniki and Kevelo villages. Includes a WW2 plane crash site and Maeka waterfall.

• Queen Alexander birdwings, the largest butterflies in the world, live in the area. We can also show you Birds of Paradise and many other species.


There is an all-inclusive* charge of K100 per person per night which includes shelter, bedding, food, porter, walks, activities, etc.

*Not included is traditional dancing, which costs K500 per performance (shared amongst the audience). Performances must be booked at least two weeks in advance. [Why?]

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Beleni family's block

      Bathing area for males




Making bilums



Many villages in the
Kokoda area are
located on steep hills
a long way from local rivers.

Villagers walk considerable
distances each day to cart
water and wash.

Water on tap in this village
would make an enormous
improvement to their daily lives.

Help make
this happen...

  Learning to make a bilum.

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