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Historic sites 
Kokoda War  Memorials
Kokoda Station: war memorials

Learning about the Trail

Kokoda is rich in history

To some people history seems a remote subject, but in Kokoda you just can't avoid it.

The moving and unforgettable story of the Kokoda Trail, the first battle in WW2 in which the Japanese Army was defeated, comes alive when you stand in the places it happened and begin to understand the extraordinary sacrifices made by each side.

Many of the older people around Kokoda grew up with relatives who were indispensible participants in the story. They tell it well.

The Memorial Museum at Kokoda Station contains helpful information about the battles alongside many relics.

Several of the Homestay villages own land that is of historical significance but which is off-limits to trekking companies, so you will have access to sites that few visitors ever get to see.

Day walks to historic sites are listed on several villages' pages, and are also summarised on the main information page.

Misima is situated on a seldom-revisited WW2 trail and is an ideal base for day walks to significant locations. More details >>>

WW2 relics at Misima
WW2 relics at Misima
The plateau at Kokoda  
Kokoda Station
Kokoda Memorial Museum
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