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4.5 km
2.5 km
21.5 km
Traditional guest house
with 10 rooms
Traditional guest house with 6 rooms
Traditional guest house
with 2 rooms
3 mattresses
5 pillows
5 sheets
2 mosquito nets 
4 mattresses
4 pillows
4 sheets
4 mosquito nets
4 light blankets
6 mattresses
3 pillows
3 light blankets
Transport from Kokoda to near
Kanandarra is usually available.
Email for details
mountain stream
pit with seat

•2-day walk to Naro, an historic WW2 Australian artillery post site overlooking the valley, not otherwise accessible as it's on private land. (Transport required.)

•Gold panning near Ebei (transport required)
•Visit Kokoda Museum and Station
•Four day mini-Trail trek taking in Misima, Abuari, Isurava, Deniki and Kevelo villages. Includes a plane crash site and Maeka waterfall. (Ask about cost details.)

•Queen Alexandra birdwing butterflies at Felai village.

•Walk to waterfall (50 minutes, easy walk)

•Fish ponds featuring gardens and shelter to relax in.

•Mountain climbing (1 hour)

•Handcrafts (string bags, beads, building houses)

•Singing and dancing

•Climbing coconut trees

•Bird watching & butterflies

•Stone axe use

•Making string bags from bark


•Kokoda Museum is nearby

•Day or overnight walk to Isurava Memorial
•Day walk to a recently discovered cave where an Australian soldier hid from the enemy. While there he wrote a letter praising the "fuzzy wuzzy" people who came to guide him back to his unit. Very few people have ever visitied this spot.
•Short bushwalks
(3-7 hours, reasonable fitness required)
•Caves, waterfalls
•Short trekking to see WW2 relics
•Bird watching
•Mountain top scenery
•Possible sightings of tree kangaroos

4 km to Kokoda school
Oea Guba school is nearby

Weaving palm leaf articles, baskets. Making tapa cloth.

Tusk necklaces*
bilums (string bags)
Bilums for sale
We prefer that visitors do not use alcohol here. Definitely NO drugs. Moderate use of beer & wine permitted. Definitely NO drugs NO alcohol or drugs.
Gardens, lawn, Ulysses butterflies, family Traditional dancing, mountain climbing. Great views. The enormous Alexander butterflies are found around the village. Magnificent setting.
Untouched mountain bushwalking environment and nearby places of historical significance.
Experienced and efficient family and a popular spot with trekkers.

Foke has 11 fish ponds.
There's a huge stone in the nearby river, a great place for cooling off and swimming.

There is a small store that sells basic items.

Misima is open every day, all year.
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K100 per person per night

Food included

Porter included

Traditional dancing group performance K500 (group fee)


K100 per person per night

Food included

Porter included

Day treks up mountains included

Bird & butterfly watching included

Traditional dancing group performance K300 (group fee)

K100 per person per night

Food included

Porter included coming and going to village

Day treks up mountains or to Isurava Memorial
Due to the complex track system and rugged terrain, a guide is essential for your safety: K80 per day. Qualified porters are also available : K60 oer day.

Waterfall visit included

WW2 relics visit included

Bird watching included

Traditional dancing group performance K250 (group fee)

* Think ahead! In most countries quarantine regulations
forbid the importation of animal and plant products, seeds and shells.


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USD $1= K3.23
GPB £1= K4.37

4 January 2018

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