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About Kokoda Homestay 

Savaia guest houseGathering grass for the roof
of Misima's guest house

Very few of the tens of millions of dollars spent by Kokoda Trail trekkers each year stay in PNG. Almost nothing stays in Kokoda. A couple of trekking companies provided regular and generous benefits to the Kokoda people, but they are a tiny minority.

To help repair the devastation inflicted by Cyclone Guba in 2007 and rebuild the local economy, six villages in the Kokoda Valley decided to cater for some of the thousands of visitors that pass through their area each year.

There's much more to Kokoda than just the Trail
While trekkers usually prefer (understandably!) to stagger off the Trail straight onto their plane, the Kokoda people hoped that other visitors, perhaps with no desire to walk the Trail, would appreciate the less strenuous experience of simply enjoying the extraordinary beauty and gentle pace of their beautiful valley.

During 2008 they built guest houses from local materials and equipped their facilities to cater for extra visitors. They also worked out how to pass on to their guests their deep knowledge and understanding of the area, especially its history and natural environment.

Benefits for everyone
The benefits began showing even before the first guests arrived. Young men learned building skills. Many of the women undertook a course in catering based on locally grown foods. This immediately benefitted their families with an inspired variety of new dishes and improved nutrition.

Several trekking companies now use Kokoda Homestay as their preferred accommodation at the start of a trek. Small groups of visitors have hugely enjoyed the experience of living in a traditional village and understanding the long history and beauty of this remarkable part of the world.


Beleni family's guest house
A dawn briefing outside Beleni's guest house before trekkers start the Trail.
tree kangarooTree kangaroo
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